Friday, July 30, 2010

Favorite Fridays: Party Game

Favorite Fridays

In college, there were definitely a lot of fun times just hanging around whether it was a party or just the roommates and I. Two games stand out.

1. Apples to Apples

Here is one such instance of playing Apples to Apples in 2008:

I LOVE this game. We always had the best time and get some of the most hilarious cards in the process. Anyone who hasn't played this, bring it to your next party!

2. Circle of Death

Now I'm not one to be big on drinking games, but this one is the BEST. This is the only game that can surpass the hilarity of Apples to Apples. Having alcohol in the system makes people and their responses even more ridiculous. You can find the rules here. If there were any rules we didn't like, we made up our own. Its more fun that way.

What are your favorite party games? Join in the fun!

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Jen said...

Oh love me some apples to apples! We only discovered it at the end of last year but are totally loving it!