Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Workout Wednesday?

So I've been feeling pretty down on myself lately. I think all the stress, the restaurant food, and the constant "go here, go there" of life has been catching up with me. Not to mention the bliss of the "honeymoon" stage of our married life which equals lots of time spent in the kitchen baking yummy goodies. All that being said, I'm really feeling awful about my new, much curvier physique. Being Italian, I realize my curves are going absolutely nowhere, no matter what weight I'm at, but I feel like enough is enough as far as this "married weight" is concerned. Did anyone else experience this?

So naturally after work today, I headed out for a little retail therapy. A girl at work told me there was a great sale at Old Navy so I headed out to find something that would fit my new body better than all my pre-weight gain clothes are fitting at the moment. What I got instead were a great pair of workout pants, a super cute workout tank, and a uber comfy sports bra. This is the inspiration I've been needing (I hope). I'm now about to get out of my chair and get moving to a workout video- with some good tunes playing of course. I would love to go for a walk but its about 100 degrees outside (can you blame me for staying inside?), and I'm not too keen in walking the neighborhood without hubs being at home anyway. But hey, some kind of movement is better than none at all.

So I've dubbed today Workout Wednesday. Hopefully if I blog about it once every week, my motivation to keep on moving won't waiver. 

Anyone else got a great fitness routine that's working for them? or What are you doing to live healthy this summer?


Mrs.Vid said...

Good luck!! Working out is hard and blogging about it will hopefully help to keep you motivated. That was my thought process anyway! I am sure you still look great! We're always our own worst critic.

Jenna Renee said...

Good luck hun! It is hard to work out, especially getting back into it. For me I find it the hardest because I am doing it alone. I have found that blogging about it helps to keep me accountable. Hopefully that works for you as well! :)

Amanda said...

I love the idea of a work out wednesday! I do weigh-in wednesday on my blog, and it's a great accountability for me!

My hubs (and pretty much my entire family) go walking/jogging every night around 8 or 9 after it cools off, and we love it!

Alicia Hamaker Oakes said...

Funny you should ask cause i have lost about 13 pounds since being out there in december. I felt just like you. tired in my own skin and not liking what i see. i started a program designed by two stay at home moms that now look like rock stars. go to
you get all the excercises you need, that can be done at home, you get all the weekly menus you need to help fuel your body with the right combination of protiens and carbs the help you shed fat while still eating 6 meals a day!!! i have loved this program and am still working at it. im into week 20 now but still have a few more lbs and toning to go. i have so much more energy and you know i need it keeping up with these 4 boys of mine. if you decide to do it mention me as a referal. i know these women personally and just met with them yesterday actually. good luck.
p.s i gained 10 lbs in the first 4 months of my marriage... so dont feel too bad... we had pizza 3 nights a week i think that is why... later dude

Stephanie said...

Love your idea of the weekly blog! and more importantly good luck!

My keys to working out...(a) classes. although these can be expensive, our joint membership at 24 is rather cheap and i can go to a class anywhere in Dallas, so that def. helps and (b) setting a goal. And by goal setting, I don't mean "losing 5 lbs", but rather, signing up for races/walks/swims/bike rides etc. whatever best suits you. I personally try to run a half marathon every 6 months...that way, I am forced to run at least a few miles 3 - 4 times a week all year round!