Thursday, July 15, 2010

House Hunters: SC

We officially started our house hunt a few days ago. But the odd thing is, its not really a hunt, because there is only one house we want, and it really all happened by accident. We were driving out of town and passed the same beautiful, old house that we have passed hundreds of times. We have never seen a car there as long as we could remember. We figured it was just left to rot because it is overgrown and rundown. But this particular day, something was different. A For Sale sign in the front yard by the road. I immediately got on my blackberry and searched for the home and found it. Its in our price range, bigger than we ever thought we could afford, and is beautifully situated on 10 acres. The kicker: its a fixer-upper- like majorly.

Got in touch with a Realtor and toured the home. Having been an estate, the home is still full of the last owner's beautiful antique furniture. But it needs a new roof, the landscaping is majorly overgrown, and there is a colony of honeybees in one of the front columns. That's the least of the issues plaguing this beautiful house. But we want it. We want to make it ours.

Our Realtor said there is a type of loan made just for this situation. It will give us the extra funds to fix all the problems and it actually forces us to get the stuff done in a certain period of time so we can't drag our feet in getting the remodel done- which is good because it will give us a very strict time line of when we would be able to move in.

We will make an offer on Monday after visiting with our banker. Send a few prayers our way that our offer is accepted!


Jenna Renee said...

How very exciting!! Post pics soon! Cannot wait to see it and I hope you guys are able to get it!

Alicia Hamaker Oakes said...

Hey take pics. would love to see it. Have you guys sold your house yet? I didn't even know that you were looking to buy. that is awesome.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! I so want to be you right now! That is my dream to fix up an old house and make it my own! Lucky girl! I will keep my fingers crossed for yall!