Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top Two Tuesday: Simple Pleasures

When I think "simple pleasures" the first things that pop into my mind are food and sleep. So I will have to try to widen my horizons for this post.

1. Reading

There is nothing I love more than to curl up in my favorite chair, or in bed, with a good book and let my mind escape the world for a few minutes. I always have, and always will love to read.

2. Double Dark Chocolate Ice cream from Marble Slab

Ok so I just had to have a food item on the list, and right now I have ice cream on the brain. This is one of my most favorite ice creams ever. And I love it so much more now that hubs and I can go enjoy ice cream together. He never used to be an ice cream lover but I've converted him :)

Go join in the fun:

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Amanda said...

I haven't gotten my post up yet, but reading is my favorite! I'm such a chick-lit addict :)