Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The bank FINALLY came through and we are making an offer on the home tomorrow! I am so excited and yet so nervous at the same time. I realize it will be awhile before we hear anything, probably, but it gives me butterflies at the thought that that wonderful house could be ours. I can't stop from daydreaming about how it will look once we've remodeled it. I shouldn't get my hopes up because who knows what will happen, but I can't help it. Blogs on inexpensive home decor have become my favorites recently. I will give a little shoutout to my two favorites because I have gotten so many good ideas from them: Thrifty Decor Chick and My Sweet Savannah. You can see both of them on my blog roll on the right side of the page. I've also been reading Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens and those types of magazines looking for inspiration. I'm hooked on decorating a home that isn't even ours yet!

Anyone have any good decor blogs they love to read? I would love to find some more to read everyday!


Amber said...

Congrats! I love decorating our house. I would strongly suggest Home Goods or IKEA for inexpensive but fantastic decorations! :) :)

Alicia Hamaker Oakes said...

awesome to here that things are progressing forward for you two. i didn't know brian was into fixer upers, post pictures of the house. i would love to see them.