Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For Maddie

All week, I've had this little girl on my mind.

Her name is Madeline. This week would have been her 3rd birthday. Sadly, she was only able to celebrate her first. She passed away as a result of complications from being born prematurely. Her mother, Heather, writes the blog The Spohrs are Multiplying. It was one of the first blogs I began to read daily when I first "joined" the blog world. She is one of the funniest and wittiest bloggers and the videos she makes of her youngest daughter Annabel make me smile and laugh every week. She is a woman of many talents and much strength. It is needless to say that I don't know how I would cope with such a loss as the one Heather has endured. I have both laughed and cried reading her heartfelt blog.

Her foundation, Friends of Maddie, is a support for families of premature babies. Heather has made a DVD compilation of the videos she has made and 100% of the proceeds will go to Friends of Maddie. Check out her post on it here. Its a wonderful way to honor Maddie's third birthday and it would be a great Christmas gift for kids, these videos are HILARIOUS! :) 

Please check out Heather's blog, and if possible, donate to Friends of Maddie or to your local March of Dimes. And whether or not you are able to do this, join me in saying a little prayer for Heather and her family, and for all the premature babies and their families around the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Aimee,

I found you through the Sporhs blog. I am intrigued by Scentsy. I clicked on your link and am still confused. Are they the electric warmers that use the candle tarts? If so, I love love love them. With cats and young children in the house (my kids are no longer young but do have cats) they are SO much safer than candles! Is that what Scentsys are? My girls live in Greenville so thought they might be able to go to one of your parties for me. I am glad to add your blog to my blog list - you seem so sweet - that was so nice of you to write about the DVD for Friends of Maddie. Lindsey

Kelly said...

That is so sad - my heart breaks for her! Will check out her site.