Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

  • The boys were here this weekend. Our fun outing was to see Shrek 4. I definitely liked it. It was better than some of the other sequels, I thought. We all had fun going to the drug store to pick out candy and drinks before hand. We also had fun wearing our 3-D glasses during the movie. What was not fun? The additional $3 we had to pay for the glasses (or so the guy at the box office told me) and then they ask that we recycle the glasses in one of their bins after the movies. Heck no! I paid for these things and I'm keeping 'em! When all the other 3-D movies come out this summer and I bring my own glasses and ask them to waive the $3 fee because I already have some, you can imagine what the theater will say: "No." But all that aside, it was a great movie and something we all really enjoyed doing together.
  • The garden is finally bearing veggies. We picked some squash and sauteed it up for supper this weekend. I've never seen a child cry because they didn't want to eat something before. Oh, but it happened. I was excited because I thought that since he helped daddy pick it from the garden he would want to try some. Wrong. It hurt my feelings more than anything I think. Putting dinner together that kids actually like is harder than it seems and it stinks when they don't like something you prepared one bit. I'll just have to hide it in the sauce next time I guess... 
  • I'm excited that my sisters are coming to visit tomorrow! Brian is too. They're staying a week or so. Its always nice to have company around the house. We have a few fun meals planned this week. I can't wait for fajita night! and Guitar Hero!!!!!!
  • It has been BUSY at work. Buy one get one free milkshakes are kicking our butt. Not to mention 99 cent sundaes after 8pm. Phew, glad its over for tonight.

Hope its been a wonderful weekend for everyone. :)

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