Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lake Day

We spent the day at Lake Greenwood today with some close friends at their lake house. I loved just relaxing and cruising around the lake with nowhere to go and nothing to do. We had some great food and just a great time in general hanging out. Brian and I did a little fishing off of the dock and caught about 10 little fish.

I wish I had taken some pics from the day but my mom borrowed my camera for a trip to Ireland and I haven't gotten it back from her yet. Cell phone pics don't make for the best viewing, although my phone does have a good camera as far as cell phone cameras go. I am interested in getting a DSLR camera, but knowing not the first thing about them, I need one for a beginner. I've looked on craigslist but haven't found anything that I'm willing to spend that much money on, being that I may not like it, or figure out how to use it. Anyone with a dslr camera out there that would know what kind I should get for a beginner? I really would love to get into photography and learn how to take great pictures, but I need a better camera for sure. Any tips would be sooo appreciated.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

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