Friday, June 18, 2010

Fill In the Blank Friday

Over at The Little Things We Do, its Fill In the Blank Friday! Its my first one, and it just might be fun. Lets see!

This week has a school theme. When I say "school" I really mean "college" because I don't want to think about high school. Gag.

1.  The best thing about being in school was going home to my best friends every day and living on my own. We had some awesome times. Oh and how could I forget, the other best thing was free football tickets!!!

2.  The worst thing about being in school was papers and homework.

3.  My favorite subject in school was my Health and Society class my last semester. The greatest class I took, hands down.

4.  One subject I wish I could have mastered was Spanish. It would be awesome to speak two languages, but I wasn't so into the studying aspect of it. I guess that was my problem.

5.  I could never get tired of studying- well I didn't really study much of anything but I did enjoy my psychology classes.

6.  The most memorable teacher I had was my public health teacher. I can't remember her name, which is odd, considering she was my favorite teacher. She held classes in such a way that they were never boring, we never had to sit through any lectures, and we were able to speak our minds and our viewpoints without judgment. I wish I had discovered her classes earlier because I wish I could have had more than one class with her.

7.  If I could choose between going to school for the rest of my life or working for the rest of my life, I'd choose school. Absolutely. You go to classes for like 3 hours a day and then don't have to do anything else. College was heaven and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Your turn!

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