Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's your sign?

Saw a few different funny/cool/exciting things in the news recently.

iPhone 4
Verizon is getting the iPhone 4! I'm mostly just happy for Verizon, because I'm a loyal Verizon customer and I thought Apple was pretty lame for only using AT&T, but I might be too chicken to try the iPhone. I LOVE my CrackBlackberry. Anyone else made the switch to an iPhone from a different type of smart phone? I wouldn't want to pay full price for the iPhone (my contract isn't up for awhile) and then turns out I don't like it.

Apparently, all the zodiac signs have changed because of the tilt of the earth and I'm no longer a Virgo, but now a Leo. I feel a little betrayed for some reason. I've always been a Virgo and now they (whoever "they" are) go and change the whole sign chart.  Go here to check out if your sign has changed as well. Let me say, I've never believed for a second in astrology, but I thought it was kinda crazy how they can just up and change it.

Kate Middleton
The beautiful (and future princess) Kate Middleton attended a wedding this past weekend and now people are calling it a scandal because of, get this, what she wore to the wedding. There was the whole conversation about whether or not it was ok she wore black to a wedding, whether she was even wearing a bra, and, *gasp*, a plunging neckline! I think she looked gorgeous, as always.

Got to love crazy new stories.

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