Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Five

So its been a looong,  long time since I've blogged. Life has taken over the past few weeks, and we have been keeping busy. Who isn't busy this time of year anyway?

But anyway, onto Thursday Five! Its something I'm doing for the first time.

1. I'm excited for my Christmas present from hubs to finally be here. It won't be here until after Christmas, but it will totally be worth the wait!

2. I am joyful about this time of year. I wasn't so into the Christmas spirit for a few reasons, but I think I've finally come around.

3. I am thankful for my gracious and loving husband who never gives up on me, no matter how crazy I can be!

4. I am happy to see my wonderful step-sons next week and have them stay for Christmas.

5. I'm pumped that it is almost the weekend!


Jenna Renee said...

I have a Thursday Five at my blog too! I'm a long time follower of you... If you haven't been to my blog, check it out! :)

A Marine's Wife! said...

great five! thanks for linking up!