Sunday, April 25, 2010

Betty Crocker who?

Brian revealed to me today that he thinks I am unmotivated. I started to argue, then realized he may be right. My wife-ly skills, still being as undeveloped as they are, seem to be on hiatus (if that's possible two weeks in). As it turns out, cleaning is not my strong suit (anyone who has lived with me can attest to this). I definitely haven't figured out how one human being -or even two for that matter- are supposed to keep a house clean, laundry done and folded, and make a meal at the end of the day among everything else there is to be done. 

Here in lies the problem: Its all so easy in the beginning. You start dating and only see each other a few times a week. Those nights its super easy to plan a great meal, have the place tidied up, and have everything ready the second your sweetie hits the door. It turns out that mirage for Brian has faded somewhat. It also turns out that I may be the most unorganized type-A personality you have ever met- is this possible you ask? maybe not but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

In my defense, I did make a full dinner two nights last week. Yes, I made the same thing twice, but that was only because Brian asked me to. And yes the dishes may in fact have been in the sink until this morning (when Brian loaded them into the dishwasher)- at least I'm trying.

While I'm navigating the rough waters of wife-hood, I'm just thankful to have a husband who loves me even though I let it slip that maybe I don't really have it all together. True love sure is patient, thank God for that.

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